Creating Restraint Free Environments through Milieu Management Training & Staff Education.

Thank you for visiting our site today. We have provided extensive information for your review. Selecting the proper training program for your organization can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. The goal, of course, is to provide the highest level of safety while maintaining everyone's human and civil rights.

Training Programs That Work!
Creating the safest preventive client centered environment begins and ends with well trained staff. We offer the full gamut from prevention through the newly revised rigorous staff training requirements of CMS/JCAHO. Our master trainers will critique and tailor training programs to fit your specific agency and client needs.

PES has provided milieu management training for healthcare, education, corrections, and security for over 15 years. Licensed by the State of Florida as a School/College since 1986, our staff are devoted to the ongoing research and development of our training programs. Since we began, our primary focus and goal has been to provide a preventive environment that promotes both safety and security.

PES proven preventive interventions far exceed all other training models on the market today. Programs that offer the insight and understanding of why certain actions occur and our normal reactions to them. Offering staff the skills needed to prevent potential problems through programming and positive relationship skills. Staff that feel empowered and productive will continue to promote these skills on a daily basis.

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